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What is the Intergalactic Union?

The Intergalactic Union is a union of an infinite number of consciousnesses. While in the Intergalactic Union most of these consciousnesses are connected to what is called the super brain. This very complex situation was created eons ago, eons before the Big Bang, which we equate to the beginning of time. But the Universe has always been here and will always be here. That's a really long time, but because we are finite this is impossible for us to truly understand. Humans are unable to fully comprehend things beyond their abilities. Yes, I know, you think you can, but you can't.

The Intergalactic Union is not something that is easily understood by beings living in a three dimensional existence. The Universe is an infinite dimensional entity. We live in a three dimensional existence. We are like a trial program that has been limited in it's functionality. We are very limited in our abilities and our comprehension of what is out there is also very limited.

The 3D World We Live In

The Universe is an impossibly vast area to travel and explore in a three dimensional existence. In reality our minds are structured to only exist on earth. Given that, our consciousness can only safely connect to our minds on earth. In other words, we will go insane if any great amount of time goes by without the reference of earth in our sensory reception.

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What is Consciousness

Consciousness is the you in you. The you, that separates you from everything else in the Universe, is an entity that has no thought, feelings, emotions, drive, or anything else of the sort, it's a blob, it's just you floating around in space.

It's the mind that you connect to that makes up everything in your life. If you had connected to a cat instead of a human, well, you would be looking for mice right now. If you had connected to an ant you would be building an ant hill right about now. But you can only connect to a biological unit with a brain. You cannot connect to a computer, even if it had AI. It has to be a biological unit. Thus, as you will see in a bit, the need for a super brain.

What Is My Purpose in this Life

Pretty much, you're just along for the ride. It's your brain and your physical make up which determines everything you do in this world. As humans we have a comparatively wide reach as to what we can do and think, but if you had connected to a dog, you'd be limited to things that dogs do and think.

But just imagine if you had a brain the size of a galaxy? And this brain was not limited to just three dimensions. Just think of the power you would have. Well this is what the Intergalactic Union offers its residents. Now add to that the ability to travel anywhere in the Universe in an instance. Because space and time only exist in a three dimensional existence.

This is why you will never find extraterrestrials on earth, oh they are here, you just have noway of recognizing them.

What is Reality 101

Before we can explore the Universe and all its glory we need to understand how our perception of the world around us works and how most of our reality only exists in our mind. It's like a television, you can watch some great movies on a TV but if you look inside a TV you will only see a bunch of transistors and wires and the such. But a TV is a lot more accurate than our mind. It reproduces very accurately the input signals it was sent. The mind takes the signals from our senses and only uses them as cues to create its own version of what it thinks reality might be, which we accept as reality in carne.

The Universe

The Universe is a never ending time entity. In our three dimensional existence we refer to it as the space time continuum.

In this never ending Universe there are an infinite number of possibilities as the Universe has been here forever and will continue to exist forever. Life as we know it is a momentary thing. And most of what we think we know is simply a construct of our own mind, it doesn't exist outside our mind.

What is a Construct

A common example is the chair. You would think that a chair we use to sit on everyday was real. Well it only exist as a chair as long as there is a human that recognizes it as a chair. He doesn't have to sit on it but it's only a chair if he thinks it's a chair.

If humans ceased to exist then that chair would no longer be a chair. It might become a place for spiders to hang out but it would no longer be a chair. After a time these so called chairs will disintegrate and fade like a long ago memory.

There are Over Seven Billion Worlds Right Here on Earth

As of this writing there are over seven billion human world views, not one being the same. -- This does not include the infinite number of world views of other living creatures on earth. -- You are the only one who sees the world as you do. The color blue for you may not be the same color blue that I see. What this means is that there are over seven billion different worlds out there but each person can only see his version of the world. And they are all very different but each one is as valid as the next.


If you think you live in the present, well guess again, we spend most of our time in the past, very rarely in the present, a lot of the time in the future.

All of what we experience is already in the past, it take our mind a few tenth of a second or more to process any incoming signals, such as hearing, seeing, feeling etc..

When we look at the stars we are seeing images that are billions of years old, who knows if the stars are still there.

When we catch a ball, our mind has already gone to the future and calculated where our hand needs to be to catch the ball, we are ready for something that has not happened yet, the ball landing in our hands. Our mind was working in the future preparing for something that has not happened yet, allowing your hand to be where that ball will be at a time in the future.

And if you think that's crazy, we are most probably all extraterrestrials.

We are all Extraterrestrials

Our DNA most likely was not a product of earth. There are an infinite number of possibilities concerning the where, when, and how, our DNA came to be. No one knows for sure and the truth is no one even has a clue.

“When you say you believe in something what you are saying is that you know everything therefor you know this to be true. There are not too many people using the phrase “I believe” correctly.”

But here is the real shocker, the reality that you and I think is out there for everyone to see and explore "only exists in our minds". It's not real, except in our mind and every mind has its own reality.